Bruce Willis

 Size: 11.69'' x 16.54'' - State: Present for my wife


Opel Olympia Rekord '53

Size: 16.54'' x 11.69'' - State: Present for my Grandparents
My Grandparents first car was a similar Opel, so I made this drawing for their wedding's 60th anniversary.
Based on nasebaer's photo.

Nissan GT-R

Size: 13.38'' x 9.44'' - State: VT Masters 2007 Championship's third prize
My first car drawing in my sketchbook.
Based on a Nissan press photo.


Renault Alpine A110

Size: 16.54'' x 11.69'' - State: VT Masters 2008 Championship's first prize
I won a hvtm.hu contest with this image.
Thanks for the original photo to tanayan.


Size: 16.54'' x 11.69'' - State: For Sale